a documentary by Gerd Kroske



"SWEEP IT UP, again"

Sixteen years ago, directly after the wall come down, before the 1th elections in March 1990 Gerd Kroske filmed in the streets of Leipzig again. His road sweepers swept away what wasn’t needed any longer: posters, flags, cigarette butts, rubbish. The first film „SWEEPING“ contained impressive  images of the apocalyptical atmosphere in the GDR, between departure from yesterday and an arrival yet uncompleted.

Twice the film-maker returned to those men and women who had allowed him intimate views into their lives between casual work, jail and pub. 1996, in „SWEEP IT UP, SWIG IT DOWN“ none of them still worked for the Leipzig department of city cleaning. And in 2006 too, in the third film „Sweep it up, again“, their daily lives take place between homes and social security office.

Stefan and Marlen, two of the former protagonists, are dead. Gabi just tries to struggle along. Henry and Marion get by. The grandchildren live with foster carers and sometimes things get worse than one believed possible to bear.

„SWEEP IT UP, again“ is a milieu study that has not fallen into the trap of cheap images and sentimentality: it is precise, sober, without commentary – but fill of sympathy with the protagonists.„The film became a never intended, never planned long-time observation because I was hoping for a happy end.“

The reality produced this material over 16 years.G.K.

Technical data: 35 mm / Digi-Beta / DVD- Pal / Aspect Ratio:1: 1,66 / 16:9

  Sounndtrack: Dolby SR / Stereo / english Subtitled / Duration: 99:30 min.


  Production: r e a l i s t f i l m Gerd Kroske © 2006, realistfilm

  Worldsales: dECKERT dISTRIBUTION deckert-distribution, deckert distribution

  Internet: www.kehraus-wieder.de / http://www.deckert-distribution.com



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